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Programme ERASMUS+ Partenariat stratégique. Projet n° 2019-1-FR01-KA204-062326 financé avec le soutien de la communauté économique européenne. Cette publication n'engage que son auteur et la Commission n'est pas responsable de l'usage qui pourrait être fait des informations qui y sont contenues.

The aim of CHANGE OF VIEW is to renew support methods for vulnerable groups, particularly the remobilization phase, the first step in any training program.

Experience has led the 6 associated partners (from Belgium, Spain, France and Luxembourg) to note that support professionals or “educators” tend to position themselves in an unilateral relationship of support towards the persons concerned and that too often the models of interventions are not considered from the needs expressed by the latter, but by those perceived by the educators. At the same time, these adult learners sometimes unconsciously demonstrate self-discrimination.

They then adopt attitudes of resignation to avoid confronting situations that seem hostile to them. Too often these so-called « vulnerable » publics are qualified by their weaknesses, their lacks, rather than by their potential, their aspirations, their resources, while they develop incredible survival strategies.

In order to provide an answer to these issues, we have defined three work objectives for this project:

1- Change the pedagogical reference paradigm of educators and staff accompanying these learners

2- Make explicit the skills of learners and make visible their potential

3- Fight against the self-discrimination of adult learners

3 intellectual outputs

To achieve these goals, we have decided to create innovative educational resources that can be used by professionals in the field of adult education.

These resources are:

A frame of reference for trainers that allows them to build a conceptual framework around « empowerment », positive pedagogy and capabilities, to develop in each individual the power to act and foster self-esteem, self-confidence, initiative, creativity to increase one’s skills.

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A gallery of « inspirational portraits » or « role models » created with the target audience accompanied by a methodology to enrich and use this gallery. These « role models » are neither idols nor superheroes, but inspiring leaders allowing them to recognize themselves in people close to their experience and reality and to escape the spiral of self-discrimination.

Clichés is a method that makes it possible to work with all the people supported by drawing on moments in their lives when they were able to take action and to highlight these moments in a gallery of « inspiring portraits ».

It is identifying with them and for them how they managed to take steps, made decisions that allowed them to get out of a situation that seemed impossible to them to overcome.

Clichés allows us to highlight their capabilities through a unique and inspiring story for them and for others, to discover that each of us has a field of possibilities within us and to break out of the spiral of self-discrimination. It is a workshop and its methodology that make it possible to carry out this support work individually or in groups.

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A game co-designed with learners to make visible their potential, their skills, to assist them in the construction of a life course, a path to employment and social inclusion.

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Active since 1987 in continuing education projects, Collectif Formation Société is a non-profit association convinced of the necessity to facilitate access to education and culture for all, in order to build a fairer society, more democratic and united, in a perspective of equality and social progress.

Founded in 1997, IAHV is an NGO established in nearly 60 countries, with a mission to help build sustainable peace. IAHV vision states “a community at peace starts with an individual at peace”.  It’s approach to best manage conflicts within diverse human groups, is to first intervene at the individual level, thus generating a lasting impact at the community level.

Specializing in the fields of stress and conflict/trauma management, IAHV supports rehabilitation to various groups of individuals: drug addicted, Ex-prisoners, those affected by conflict zones and natural disasters, etc. The aim and goal is assisting the individuals to become autonomous again.

IAHV works diligently to promote human values through their extensive socio-educational training programs, and works in a special consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC, UNAIDS) since 2002.

Pôle Culture et Santé en Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest created in 2011.
Founded on the values of the social and solidarity economy, our responsibility is to facilitate interconnection and relationships between the worlds of the arts, culture and health. We support professionals in these sectors to consolidate their cooperative approaches. We are also working on the recognition and promotion of these general interest projects. We conduct our missions while respecting people’s cultural rights.

Pour la Solidarité is an independent European « Think and Do Tank » committed to promoting solidarity and sustainability in Europe, defending and strengthening the European social model, subtle balance between economic growth and social justice.

The IRFSS, created in 1950 and located in Bègles, is one of the training institutes of the French Red Cross. It covers the training of professionals in healthcare, social welfare, emergency assistance and professional risks. The French Red-Cross is both an association, with over 53 000 volunteers fighting precariousness for over 150 years, and a non-profit organisation with over 17 000 employees and 600 establishments in healthcare and social welfare training.

The mission of Trànsit Projectes (Barcelona) is to facilitate citizens to access the social and cultural capital of their communities by empowering people, fostering social cohesion, and social inclusion. For over twenty years, Transit has been collaborating on a regular basis with the main experts in cultural, educational and social organisations at local, national and international level to define new cultural strategies, for private businesses, associations, foundations and public institutions, in order to improve society.

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Juil 2021
SAVE THE DATE: Final congress on October 21, 2021

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Juin 2021
3rd training activity

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