The Game

Talent Explorer

You have at your disposal the game « Talent Explorer », an educational resource of a playful nature that is mainly aimed at professionals working in training or career guidance.

The aim of the « Talent Explorer » game is to work on the empowerment of people: from an approach of the innate talents present in each of us, the game aims at reinforcing the capacity to act of each individual, thanks to the reaffirmation and the recognition of his capacities and points of strength which are specific to him.

To understand the dynamics of the game, you have the following documents at your disposal: 

– A METHODOLOGIAL GUIDE: It provides a two-step methodology. The first step focuses on the construction of the concept of innate talent in relation to the Change of View project. A second step where the talents are dynamised in a playful way thanks to the board game.

– A PEDAGOGICAL GUIDE: it provides the necessary information to understand more deeply the notion of « Innate Talent » in the context of this game. 

– THE RULES OF THE GAME: they allow you to know the objective and the game mechanics.

You will also find files to download and print to start playing:







The purpose of each card is explained in the game rules.

We hope you will enjoy it!

PS: You can choose to print all the cards and the board on a desktop printer. The cards are designed in A4 format to be printed on both sides. The board is made up of four parts to be printed in A4 format.
If you decide to entrust this job to a printing shop, you will have to send them the HD files.