Listen to the first 10 portraits from the Clichés gallery in podcast

You can now discover the first 10 portraits of the Clichés gallery in podcast here:

In these stories, you will hear how volunteers, students or employees of the French Red Cross who found themselves in a vulnerable situation decided to take action, for themselves and for others.

A website dedicated to the Clichés gallery is under development and will be online in 2021, where you will find all the inspiring portraits created as part of the Change Of View project.

Illustration: Brice Laurent

Second training activity of the project

In view of the health crisis, we had to adapt the program of the second training activity of the project initially planned in Bordeaux.

This week, we therefore met online with our European partners as well as some of their students, learners or beneficiaries. We were able to work on the development of the game and the gallery through different workshops in sub-groups.

Discover the first portraits from the Clichés gallery

You can now listen to the first 4 portraits of Clichés in podcast here:

These episodes were recorded during lockdown thanks to 21 | the Red Cross social innovation accelerator, and co-produced by Louie Média. You will discover the stories of people who one day decided to get involved for themselves and for others.

Illustration: Brice Laurent

Change Of View during the lockdown

During the lockdown, Change Of View is adapting and our teams meet regularly by videoconference to move forward on the various productions and reorganize the next activities.

As for the “Clichés” gallery, it progressed a lot thanks to the support of 21. The first 10 portraits in co-production with Louie Média present the stories of people linked with the French Red Cross (students, employees or volunteers) and will be broadcast as podcasts. The first episode will be available in May.

Launch of the support program of 21| for the « Clichés » gallery

Today, Sophie from the IRFSS team was welcomed to the premises of Accelerator 21| in Paris for the official launch of the support program.

We will have 6 months to take advantage of everything that 21| can offer us: business expertise, access to French Red Cross experimentation areas, support by Makesense and anything that can help us in the development and acceleration of our gallery of portraits « Clichés ».


Every year and twice a year, the social innovation accelerator 21 of the French Red Cross launches a call for projects in order to boost initiatives with a strong social impact carried out by actors inside and outside the Red Cross.

The “portrait gallery” production of the Change Of View project, renamed “Clichés”, was selected alongside three other initiatives within the “intrapreunariat” program. This program aims to develop initiatives led by members of the Red Cross network.

Clichés consists of uploading a gallery of “inspiring portraits” created with the target audience and accompanied by a methodology allowing social workers and volunteers to enrich and use this gallery. Neither idols nor superheroes, these portraits represent inspiring references allowing the most vulnerable people to recognize themselves in people close to their experience and their reality, in order to be able to enter a phase of mobilization, essential to any journey of insertion.

With the support of 21, Clichés aims to create a website. The French Red Cross could benefit from the deployment of this support methodology within its Training and Social Action sectors, while exhibiting the portrait gallery in its various structures and establishments.

You can find out about the other winners here:

1st training activity

From November, 25th to 29th the partners gathered in Luxembourg for the first training activity of the project.

The objective of this training week was to lay the conceptual foundations of our work and to define a pedagogical framework.

Doette Brunet from the Pole Culture & Santé was able to train the other partners on the concept of “Cultural Rights”. Ariane Iranpour from IAHV Luxembourg provided training on the themes of empowerment and resilience. Finally Fiorella Pallas, invited by IAHV, allowed the partners to highlight their « innate talents » thanks to her training called « Shine your talent ».

1st Transnational Meeting in Bordeaux

The 6 partners of the Change Of View project met on September 18 and 19, 2019 in Bordeaux in the premises of Pôle Culture & Santé for the 1st transnational meeting of the project. This was the occasion to present the administrative and financial monitoring tools, to divide up the work on intellectual outputs and to prepare the first training activity in November.