Our project

The aim of CHANGE OF VIEW is to renew support methods for vulnerable groups, particularly the remobilization phase, the first step in any training program.

Experience has led the 6 associated partners (from Belgium, Spain, France and Luxembourg) to note that support professionals or “educators” tend to position themselves in an unilateral relationship of support towards the persons concerned and that too often the models of interventions are not considered from the needs expressed by the latter, but by those perceived by the educators. At the same time, these adult learners sometimes unconsciously demonstrate self-discrimination.

They then adopt attitudes of resignation to avoid confronting situations that seem hostile to them. Too often these so-called « vulnerable » publics are qualified by their weaknesses, their lacks, rather than by their potential, their aspirations, their resources, while they develop incredible survival strategies.

In order to provide an answer to these issues, we have defined three work objectives for this project:

1- Change the pedagogical reference paradigm of educators and staff accompanying these learners

2- Make explicit the skills of learners and make visible their potential

3- Fight against the self-discrimination of adult learners