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Sep 2020
IAHV Luxembourg

Founded in 1997, IAHV is an NGO established in nearly 60 countries, with a mission to help build sustainable peace. IAHV vision states “a community at peace starts with an individual at peace”.  It’s approach to best manage conflicts within diverse human groups, is to first intervene at the individual level, thus generating a lasting impact at the community level.

Specializing in the fields of stress and conflict/trauma management, IAHV supports rehabilitation to various groups of individuals: drug addicted, Ex-prisoners, those affected by conflict zones and natural disasters, etc. The aim and goal is assisting the individuals to become autonomous again.

IAHV works diligently to promote human values through their extensive socio-educational training programs, and works in a special consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC, UNAIDS) since 2002.